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Hare's Paw Literary Journal is an independent online literary publication run solely by Olivia Thomes. Associated fees directly assist in the operational costs of running the journal. Fees are subject to change based on the journal's needs.

If you love what Hare's Paw stands for and are eager to digest new and interesting creative work, please consider donating to help ease the operational costs of the journal.

Hare's Paw Farm

Olivia owns and operates a Farm. The land grows food for the community, her family, and animal sanctuary. This includes vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. The farm is open to animals in need with a mission to provide a loving, safe, and prosperous home for them to live out their lives. The farm business breeds goats, sells produce and flowers, as well as all natural apothecary/wellness items, and artisan treats such as homemade jams and breads.

Please consider donating to the farm. Each donation builds a community where people value and admire farming, livestock, and pets alike!

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