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Issue #12, September 2023

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  • Michael Bates is a retired international publishing executive. Although born in the USA, he has lived most of his professional life in Latin America and Europe. Currently he resides in St. Petersburg, Florida and maintains a web/blogsite of his poetry entitled three by 3 <> His poems have been published in print and electronic form. The most recent are in: Passager, The Columbia Review, Miller’s Pond, Verse-Virtual, The Courtship of Words.

  • Bobby Parrott's poems appear or are forthcoming in RHINO, Tilted House, Whale Road Review, The Hopper, Rabid Oak, Phantom Kangaroo, Neologism, and elsewhere. In his own words, "The intentions of trees are a form of loneliness we climb like a ladder." Immersed in a forest-spun jacket of toy dirigibles, this writer dreams himself out of formlessness in the chartreuse meditation capsule known as Fort Collins, Colorado.

  • Keith Gaboury earned a M.F.A. in creative writing from Emerson College. He has full-length poetry collections forthcoming from Kelsay Books and Falkenberg Press. Keith is also the president of the Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club. Learn more at

  • Dick Daniels is a Vietnam vet who worked for IBM, Bell Atlantic and other IT companies before retiring in 2016. His nonfiction work has appeared in the Arkansas Historical Quarterly, Submarine Review, Graybeards, and Vietnam.

  • Logan Anthony is an emerging queer writer, transgender artist, and worshiper of nature and literature. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing & English and works as a curriculum developer. Logan has poetry published or forthcoming in Thin Air Magazine, Oberon Poetry Magazine, and Hive Avenue Literary Journal. Their short stories are forthcoming in Stoneboat Literary Journal and The Write Launch.

  • Kevin Broccoli is a writer from New England. His work has appeared in Molecule, Apricity, New Plains Review, Havik, and Ponder Review. He is the George Lila Award winner for Short Fiction, and the author of "Combustion."

  • R.S. O’Toole studies on the M.A. in Writing program at the University of Galway and attended the New England Young Writers’ Conference. He was awarded an Honorable Mention by the Massachusetts Scholastic Writing Awards, and his work has appeared in Polyphony Lit and the tiny journal.

  • Benjamin Fairfield received his MA and PhD in ethnomusicology from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, where he serves as lecturer and founder of the Thai Ensemble (where students scavenge on campus and build instruments from found objects). He has led DIY instrument workshops, taught music at Ala Wai Elementary School, produced a high school garage band rock album in Thailand as a Peace Corps volunteer, and has published various academic articles in the field of ethnomusicology. His junk instrument builds can be seen and heard on instagram #MUS311 and

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