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Issue #5, May 2022

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  • Rex Carey Arrasmith writes poetry and fiction in Sedona, AZ and Lāna’I, HI. His work is inspired by the vortexes found in Arizona’s Coconino National Forest and in whale song during the annual Humpback migration in Hawaii. He also writes uniquely inspired wedding vows as an ordained Universal Life Minister. His work can be found in the Lily Poetry Review, Passenger’s Journal, Solstice Literary Magazine, New Note Poetry, Spillwords, and others.

  • Karen Jones is a teacher, poet, and life-long learner from Corvallis, Oregon. Some of her recent work has appeared in Wood Cat Review, Willawaw Journal, and Humana Obscura. Her chapbook, "Seasons of Earth and Sky" (Finishing Line Press), was published in 2020.

  • Cynthia Bargar is Associate Poetry editor at Pangyrus. Her poems have appeared in many journals, most recently Rogue Agent, Book of Matches, Driftwood Press, and in the book, "Our Provincetown: Intimate Portraits" by Barbara E. Cohen (Provincetown Arts Press, 2021). Her first poetry collection, "Sleeping in the Dead Girl’s Room," came out from Lily Poetry Review Books in January, 2022. Cynthia lives with her partner, cartoonist Nick Thorkelson, in Provincetown, Massachusetts. @cynthiamay

  • Diane Hueter has been published in Isotope, Iron Horse Literary Review, Iowa Woman, and Iris. Her book, "After the Tornado" was published by Stephen F. Austin UP in 2013. 

  • Rose Menyon Heflin, originally from rural, southern Kentucky, is a writer and artist living in Madison, Wisconsin. Her poetry won a Merit Award from Arts for All Wisconsin in both 2021 and 2022, and one of her poems was choreographed and performed by a local dance troupe. Additionally, she had an ekphrastic creative nonfiction piece featured in the Chazen Museum of Art’s Companion Species exhibit. Among other venues, her recent and forthcoming publications include Deep South Magazine, Defunkt Magazine, Fireflies’ Light, Great Lakes Review, Of Rust and Glass, Poemeleon, Red Weather Literary Magazine, San Antonio Review, and Xinachtli Journal (Journal X).

  • Clarissa Adkins lives in Richmond, Virginia and earned degrees from James Madison University and Lesley University. As a high school English teacher, she co-coordinates her school’s Poetry Out Loud program and is a research member of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Culturally Responsive Teaching consortium. Clarissa’s published in The Pinch, Whurk Magazine, River City Poets’ anthology: Lingering in the Margins, Passengers Journal, and more. She earned a Best of the Net nomination from Parentheses International Literary Arts Journal and was a finalist for the 17th Annual Erskine J. Poetry Prize. She reads for Sugar House Review. Her book, "Building Alexandria" can be found at Lily Poetry Review Books.

  • Michael W. Mercurio lives and writes in Western Massachusetts, where he serves on the steering committee for the Tell It Slant Poetry Festival, held each September at Emily Dickinson's house. Michael's poems have been published in Thrush, Palette Poetry, Bear Review, Sierra (the magazine of the Sierra Club), the Lily Poetry Review, Sugar House Review, and elsewhere. Michael is also Director of Community Outreach for Faraday Publishing Company, where he curates panels and readings to center underrepresented voices.

  • Brian Yapko is a lawyer whose poems have appeared in multiple publications, including Gyroscope, Apricity, Tofu Ink, Prometheus Dreaming, Cagibi, Grand Little Things, Hive Avenue, the Society of Classical Poets, Chained Muse, Tempered Runes, Sparks of Calliope, Abstract Elephant and others. His debut science fiction novel, "El Nuevo Mundo," has recently been published by Rebel Satori Press. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his husband, Jerry, and their canine child, Bianca.

  • Soidenet Gue is an emerging screenwriter from Florida with a penchant for writing about dysfunctional families. His work has appeared in Rigorous and is forthcoming in Drunk Monkeys and The Dillydoun Review. When not writing, he enjoys watching movies and reading.

  • Ashley Connors is an educator of young children and mother of two grown children who is currently focusing on creative passions including writing and photography. She lives in the Boston area with her husband. Ashley's daily adventures incorporate fast, skillful games of pickle ball with great friends, hiking in the local woods and on the cranberry bogs and seasonally, paddling on the bay. If asked, she could not choose a favorite between mountains and ocean; she loves them both, so Boston is a perfect place to live.

  • Paul Bowman has been a farm boy, soldier, bartender, nursing home maintenance. He has been fired only three times. He writes plays and fictions. His one-acts have been staged in twelve states and in Australia. Twenty stories have been published in Barbaric Yawp, Burnt Pine, The Chiron Review, Downstate, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Southern Fried Karma, Trajectory, and elsewhere. He is currently working on a novel that he may never finish.

  • Hillary Chapman is a writer, teacher, guitarist, and songwriter. He taught at the Chapin School in NYC and Sidwell Friends n Washington DC. He co-authored several books on the history of the Bahá’í Faith and has done extensive research on the Bible and the Baha’i Faith. He wrote songs for the Nashville market and is currently performing as an acoustic blues player. He also writes short stories with an emphasis on storytelling.

  • Julia Juster writes and teaches in Cambridge, MA.

  • James Callan grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He lives on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand on a small farm with his wife, Rachel, and his little boy, Finn. At the end of 2020 he left work to become a fulltime father. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Bridge Eight, Beyond Queer Words, The Tiny Journal, The Plentitudes Journal and elsewhere.

  • Jeffrey Feingold is a writer in Boston. His essays have been published by magazines, such as Intrepid Times, an international travel magazine; and The Bark (a national magazine with readership over 250,000. The Bark has published many acclaimed authors, including Pulitzer Prize winning poet Mary Oliver). Jeffrey’s work has also been published by award-winning literary reviews and journals, including Wilderness House Literary Review, Impspired, The RavensPerch, Schyulkill Valley Journal, PAST TEN, Book of Matches, The Wise Owl and elsewhere. Jeffrey's stories about family, Russian adoption, and adventures in the movie and publishing industries reveal a sense of absurdity informed by a love of people's quirky ways.

  • Virginia Watts is the author of poetry and stories found in Illuminations, The Florida Review, CRAFT, Two Hawks Quarterly, Hawaii Pacific Review, Sky Island Journal, Permafrost Magazine, Wisconsin Review, Pithead Chapel, Dark Lane Anthology Series, among others. Winner of the 2019 Florida Review Meek Award in nonfiction, two of her poetry chapbooks are available from Moonstone Press and a short story collection is upcoming from The Devil’s Party Press. She has been nominated three times for a Pushcart Prize and three times for Best of the Net.

  • Joe D'Angelo is a musician living and working in Staten Island, NY. He's a long time collaborator with Rick Habeeb, Mikhael Antone-D'Angelo and Sal Gregory. His work has been included in various experimental films, docs and recorded albums. His work is creates sound landscapes of emotional turmoil.

  • Alicen Grey discovered that all humans have secret wings that can only be seen when they close their eyes. Excited at this discovery, she promised God that she would devote the remainder of her life to showing people their wings. She set out into the world, full of passion and hope, talking to everyone she encountered. But the more she tried to tell people that they have wings, the less they believed her. So, being clever, she hid the Truth in her music, where the Truth is felt more than it is heard. And it is through this heart-to-heart communication, that she was finally able to re-mind her fellow humans that they, too, can be free.

  • Gene Mills is a Virginia-based songwriter, singer, and guitar player in styles spanning Americana, folk, bluegrass, and country. Also a philosophy professor, Gene performs and records with his wife Gayla, and they are currenntly working on their fourth CD. He has garnered over 20 songwriting awards.

  • Marysa Eve is a free spirit, singer-songwriter, horse trainer, painter, poet, & traveller. Raised in Boston, she spent her university years in Philly and then lived in Florida, Ecuador, Northern Ireland, and most recently as she trains horses internationally for work. She learned how to play guitar while working in New Zealand, and learned how to play piano from her grandmother. Her voice developed after 12 years of professional training in an international youth choir based in Boston. She sung in a few bands, performing for years in the underground music scene. She has a background in poetry, and published an anthology in 2017; lyrics are the driving force behind her songs.

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